Car Wraps Explained

If you’re still unsure as to exactly what the process involves, let us explain it for you. A “wrap” is when you apply a sheet of vinyl to a part of a vehicle, changing the colour and rebirthing the original paintwork. Our car wrapping services available at Autowrapz come with a five year warranty to give you peace of mind of their quality assurance..

Benefits of our car vinyl wrap within Sydney

The vinyl wrap will have total coverage of the original paintwork, making it virtually impossible to know it has been wrapped instead of painted! This makes for a much cheaper alternative to having your entire vehicle painted and also has the added advantage of including car signage if required.

Protect your paintwork

Car wraps work as a protective layer over your original paint, protecting it from stone chips, abrasions and scratches which would normally cost you a lot more to have repaired.

If you do damage a panel, the vinyl is easily removed and replaced. The same applies for any car signs which require alterations or amendments.

Also, a car vinyl wrap will leave a finish you simply can’t achieve with traditional spray painting, such as chrome, carbon fibre, brushed metals etc.

Branding made easy

Using a car wrap in Sydney for your work vehicle means that you can customise a whole fleet of vehicles with minimal costs and effort. The nature of our vinyl wraps makes them easy to modify and install, so you can brand your vehicle anyway you’d like.

Quality you can trust

Autowrapz use only the best vinyl available on the market and qualified installers ensuring that your car wrap in Sydney will last the duration of the warranty provided by our suppliers.

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