Car Wrap Colours

There are many reasons why someone might decide on a car colour change after having purchased a vehicle. They may have realised a darker car is better at hiding dirt, grime and other pollutants than lighter coloured vehicles. On the other hand, they might prefer a lighter coloured vehicle that won’t absorb UV rays from the sun quite as easily. Or they may have simply had a change of mind over their preferred choice of colour and a colour changing vinyl wrap might be the easiest way to make that colour change happen. If you’re considering a colour change for your vehicle, get in touch with Autowrapz to enquire about our range of car wrap colours.

The Benefits of Color Changing Vinyl Wrap Over a Complete Repaint

Looking for effective ways to change the colour of your vehicle? The first option is to take your car in for a complete respray, but that can be time consuming and expensive. The other option is a complete car colour change using vinyl wraps.

There are numerous benefits to be gained from choosing car wrap colours over repainting. These benefits include:

  • The OEM paint work remains fully protected by the vinyl covering
  • Colour changing vinyl wrap can add to the resale value of your vehicle
  • Removing the wrap restores the car to its original colour
  • You won’t void the warranty or lease agreement (a possibility with a complete repaint)
  • Vinyl car wrap colours are a more cost-effective option than a full repaint

Available in a variety of finishes including matte, semi-gloss, gloss, matte metallic, chrome and more, vinyl wraps also have the ability to hide scratches and small chips in your car’s paintwork.

Why Choose Autowrapz for Your Car Colour Change?

When it comes to car wrap colours in Sydney, you can count on the team at Autowrapz to have the variety and range to enable you to find the perfect colour for your needs. We use only the highest quality vinyl wraps on vehicles, so you can feel confident that your colour changing vinyl wraps will withstand almost any curveballs that get thrown your way.

At Autowrapz, we’re committed to providing the very best in service and advice on all car colour change needs using the finest state-of-the-art vinyl materials and more. Whether you’re looking to change the colour of your car for aesthetic or functional purposes, you can trust us to get the job completed to your 100% satisfaction. Call us today on (02) 8060 9299 to learn more.

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