Vinyl Wrap Your Car

Want to feel like you’re behind the wheel of a brand new car, but without the debt that comes with such a purchase? Perhaps you’d like to promote your business on the side of your vehicle, but don’t want to go through a costly repaint each and every time? Or maybe you’re looking to transport your car over a long distance and want to protect it from UV damage? Whatever the reason, vehicle wraps offer an alternative to spray-painting your vehicle or buying a new one outright. Autowrapz is Sydney’s premier vinyl wrap car specialists, providing custom vinyl wrap solutions to accommodate your particular needs.

Custom Vehicle Wraps to Breathe New Life into Your Vehicle

If you want to give the impression that your car has just received a shiny new paint job with out the expense of a shiny new paint job, decorative vehicle wraps can breathe new life into your car in much the same way that a new haircut can breathe new life into your appearance. Autowrapz specialises in custom car wraps for all types of vehicles; our vast range of colours and finishes ensures that we’ll find the right car body vinyl wrap to fit your vehicle.

Custom Car Wraps for Promotional Use in Sydney

Imagine getting paid to become a mobile billboard as you travel around the streets of Sydney. Or perhaps rather than advertising another person’s business, you could plug your own when doing something as simple as driving to the gym or travelling around running your errands. We can provide you with custom colour vinyl wraps emblazoned with your business logo, your Insta profile details, or anything you like. Organising custom car wraps for promotional purposes is easy − simply ask us how!

Vinyl Wrap Your Car for Protection

Maybe you’re looking to transport your car from Sydney to Perth, or know that you won’t be driving it for a while and want to leave it in your driveway with some form of protection. Long haul trips or extended periods sitting idle in the sun can affect the paint work, but fortunately we can vinyl wrap your car to protect against everything from UV rays to damage from insects and animals, environmental contaminants, corrosion and more.

Whether you’re looking to enquire about the car vinyl wrap price or you want to make a booking for vehicle wrapping in Sydney, get in touch with Autowrapz by calling 02 8060 9299 or contacting us online.

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