Custom Car Decals for Car Racing

Racecar drivers are not only backed by their talent on the track, but also by generous sponsors who help them along the way, either financially or with other contributions that allow the driver to perform at their best. Of course, these sponsors expect to be promoted by the driver in return, which is usually done through mass media advertising, prominently displaying their logo on their uniform, and by having the business name and logo emblazoned on the body of the car. Typically, the bigger the sponsor, the more prominently featured they are in size and location. If you’re looking for custom car decals that help to bring maximum exposure to those who have helped you reach your heights, consult with the specialists in race car wraps at Autowrapz.

High-Quality Vinyl Race Car Decals

Autowrapz offers you the choice to either select from our catalogue of race car decals or design your own race car graphics. You can even use a combination of the two if you wish! Our readymade and custom car decals are manufactured using the highest quality vinyl that offers durability and toughness to last in almost all conditions.

Our specialist in race car decals will work with you to design your own custom car decal that will fit on your racing vehicle. You can incorporate your custom design with some of our readymade race car wraps or completely design your own race car graphics from scratch. Whatever your choice, you can rest assured that you’ll find the right choice for your needs.

Why Choose Autowrapz for Custom Car Decals?

For customers in Sydney looking for an experienced supplier and designer of custom car decals for racing vehicles of all types and sizes, Autowrapz has the skill and know-how you need to feel confident in the services and products you’re paying for. Our vinyl wrapping services are backed by a generous 5 year warranty, meaning you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing your vehicle is protected from the elements and other environmental factors.

So what are you waiting for? There’s no better time than now to enquire about race car wraps and custom car decals from Autowrapz. For a no-obligation quote, call 02 8060 9299 or contact us online.

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