Car Paint Protection in Sydney

When someone purchases a brand new car complete with the all-too-familiar ‘new car’ smell and fresh paint job, they’ll likely want to retain those qualities for as long as possible. While the new car smell will only remain new for a limited time, it’s possible to extend the quality of your vehicle’s paintwork with high-quality car protection film from Autowrapz. Safeguarding against everything from stone chipping to paint fading from the harsh heat of the sun, our car paint protection offers durability and resilience that will protect your vehicle for years to come. For the best paint protection in Sydney, be sure to contact Autowrapz.

Options for Car Paint Protection

Autowrapz offers a number of options for car paint protection, with each boasting unique benefits that can help to prolong the life of your vehicle’s paint work.

One option is to apply 3M paint protection film to the existing paintwork. This protective cover helps to reduce up to 99% of harmful UV rays from the sun, therefore reducing the likelihood of colour fading over time. 3M protective film also helps to keep your paintwork free from dust and dirt, stone chips and even bird poo landing from above.

An alternative to 3M paint protection film in Sydney is the use of ceramic paint protection for cars. Whereas the protection film is applied carefully to the surface, the ceramic protection is applied like a polish to give the paintwork the protection it needs. The benefits are much the same as using the protective film; it preserves longevity of the paint, offers a high gloss and is scratch free. Whether you choose one over the other comes down to personal preference rather than a distinct key advantage that one has over the other.

Why Choose Autowrapz for New Car Paint Protection?

Autowrapz understands the importance of maintaining a particular image when you’re behind the wheel. A well maintained vehicle projects an image of sophistication, of credibility and of power –a winning combination for anyone with their own business. The quality of your vehicle’s paint work will often be highly indicative of the maintenance that the car has received.

When you come to Autowrapz for application of 3M paint protection film in Sydney, or even for ceramic paint protection for cars, you can be 100% confident in our ability to get it right the first time. To make a booking, call us on (02) 8060 9299 or email sales@autowrapz.com.au.

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